Community Works Banff & Macduff

Today, members of the Banff LCP met at Banff Academy to consider improvement priorities.  Kate, Gail, Roisin and Martin (CLD), Stephen (Aberdeen Foyer), Meriem (AVA), Chris (Employability Officer) and Clare (SDS)

.community works

Martin and Roisin updated us about “Community Works Banff and Macduff”.  Banff LCP will be a steering group for this project and we had discussions around the following…

  • Linking “Community Works” to existing services in the area offered by Banff Community Advice Hub, Aberdeen Foyer, Employability Services, LINA etc
  • Banff Community Advice Hub – offering this service occasionally in Macduff as well as Banff to overcome barriers and aid accessibility
  • Sharing information more widely about the workshops and events that “Community Works” organise.
  • The Banff LCP can always be used to share information by email and WordPress.

Joint CPD Session Monday 10th June


A joint CPD Session has been organised in Banff.

CREW will be coming to deliver “Just Say Know” Training

This course aims to equip delegates with confidence in knowledge in drug trends, an introduction to harm reduction and practical tips when working with young people who use drugs or who or are at risk of taking drugs. . We discuss the most commonly used drugs and explore ways of working with young people including harm reduction.

Learning objectives

• To know where to find information about the effects, risks and harm reduction information about commonly used drugs

• To improve understanding of current drug trends

• To know where to signpost anyone who may be experiencing problematic drug use

• Improved confidence in discussing commonly used drugs

• Recall legislation relating to psychoactive substances

• Describe the nature and purpose of harm reduction




Speed Networking Event

Thanks to everyone who attended the Speed Networking Event on Thursday 7th February.  We had a really good session and your feedback was very positive.  Here’s a brief summary of what you said.  Most said they would like to take part again but would like it to be earlier in the day, longer and organised so you could meet everyone.


Review and Update Survey Results

Here are the results of the Banff LCP Step 3 – Review & Update Survey results.

Banff LCP Step 3 2017

Five new priority areas have been identified as significant for the Banff Learning Community Partnership:

  1. Reducing Child Poverty
  2. Connected and Cohesive Communities
  3. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
  4. High Unemployment (Including Employability and impact of Welfare Reform)
  5. Changing our relationship with Alcohol (and Drugs)